There are no barriers when it comes to feeling great in your own skin, the notion that skincare is reserved for young women is outdated. We are here to give everyone the beauty tools to feel empowered, regardless of gender, age, or race! Our competitive price point also ensures everyone has access to great products.

Consciously Clean:

Every product is made from the best quality, natural, ethically sourced ingredients that nourish your skin!

Tried & Tested:

The founders of Silke are first and foremost, beauty enthusiasts, not faceless organizations pumping the market with a tsunami of products. Each Silke line has been rigorously tried and tested by people who wear the products every day. They know from experience, what makes great skincare and cosmetics, this is what Silke is all about!

Customer Appreciation:

We are brimming with confidence that our customers will love Silke as much as we do. We know that our products will make their way into their “feel good” beauty bounty!

United Arab Emirates

To become a distributor email us at info@silke.ae

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