About Us

A fresh beauty brand, empowering you to feel great in your own skin!

Mission & Vision

We want to give the gift of self-confidence to everyone, there are no barriers when it comes to beauty. We know from experience, how a great product can brilliantly bolster confidence and that’s what we aim to do for every Silke customer. We seek to enhance one’s natural beauty, not mask it, with a collection of clean and effective skincare and cosmetic products that have been tried and tested by us. We are driven by customer satisfaction; they are the reason behind Silke and all that we do!

Brand Values

Inclusivity | Everyone deserves to feel great in their own skin. Skincare is akin to selfcare, and this includes both men and women of all ages.

Quality | Silke is made of the best quality, natural ingredients

Beauty | To enhance, not mask natural beauty

Accountability | We truly believe in the power of Silke having tried and tested every product.

Integrity | We adore Silke’s skincare collection and can back it all the way. Our products are made from safe, effective, ethically sourced, and natural ingredients.

Sustainability | We don’t use plastic in our products, and we create our packaging with the view of it being re-used. For example, the Shape It Eyebrow Gel comes in a glass jar with a metallic lid and can easily be repurposed as a DIY scrub/mask container. We also opted for a high-quality box that can be reused as a cute drawer for jewellery or hair accessories.

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